Chrysanthemums: ‘Chrys’ comes from the Greek word gold.  Autumn: regeneration the start of the process of death. Once you reach the half way point, life becomes about the journey home.

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Hotel Sparrow

The mismatch between the national identity given by a country and the actual identity of a person. I wanted a passport to show how I felt: no sense of patriotism, no sense of national identity and a different sense of home. Hotel Sparrow is about being foreign in your own home. The sense of not […]

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Out of the plastic

Out of the plastic are 5 paintings. The title refers to photos that are never shared but remain protected behind a thin sheet of plastic in a family album. The gap between trying to preserve and keeping safe a culture and identity, and adjusting to one which changes according to the political climate. Our exoticness, […]

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