Collective history and memory. As a migrant living in Europe I wonder what thoughts and images people have in their two-minutes-silence.

The film has been presented as a moving drawing or painting. Clouds that look like land boarders continually changing form. The aeroplanes chase the clouds, and we follow them with our eyes; a choreography of power structures shaping boarders. The aeroplanes look like the ones that were used in the WWII. I caught them on film a few years ago, by coincidence. The aeroplane movements are combined with the romantic music composed by Vaughn Williams, ‘The Lark Ascending’, which he wrote on the brink of WWI, when he saw the naval ships leaving for France on the coast of Margate in Kent. This piece of music is often considered as British wallpaper. The music and the acrobatics hypnotise us and enhance our empathy, our collective history and memory. It connects past events that shape are lives today.

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