Here and There, 2019, film-essay, 13’ 00’’.

This poetic-film-essay is based on the exploration of how a diasporic body struggles with its internalised words to speak out – a shifting reality. There is no intention to make a conclusion, but to leave an impression of how it is to be a foreigner in your home-country, feared and therefore silenced. The images are both macro and micro, or intimate and distant and provide a texture of the everyday struggle of being a foreigner in your own home and the failings of being heard and listened to. By using my own spoken voice, the inside-out, the emphasis shifts from exterior fixed forms into grasping another reality of the stranger that comes to stay. By presenting the garden as a place of both paradise and exile, the voice becomes powerful in its vulnerability, and develops the knowledge of trying to talk through silence.

Here and There

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