April 2023  Workshop-exhibition-creating educational material, group effort at Museum Flucht, Berlin, DL

Oct 2022    Accompaniment, solo exhibition, Het Huis, Utrecht. NL

May 2022   Art. 1 Dutch Constitution, collaboration with Law Faculty UU, group show Academie Gallery, Utrecht, NL.

April 2022 Kinship, solo exhibition, MIJ Ijsselstein.

Dec 2021   Story-telling performance, Mobility and European crises, on everydayness, Annual Danish European Community Studies Association Conference, Copenhagen, DK.

Oct 2021    Here and There (film), Absurd Beings, Studio Spijkerkade, Amsterdam NL.

Sept 2021   Several painting and drawings, Le Grande Final, group exposition, Gallery de Wit, Wageningen, NL.

Oct 2020    My British Museum, podcast, De-colonial Studies, Nijmegen University, Nijmegen, NL

Jan 2020    Bodily Time Line (text), Story-telling, Trainings for the Not Yet, group exposition BAK, Utrecht NL.

July 2019   Here and There (film), Futures Without, group exposition, BAK, Utrecht NL.

May 2018   Several Paintings, Eenheid in Verscheidenheid, Gallery De Wit, Wageningen, NL.

Nov 2018   Sporen (Traces) SBK, Amsterdam, NL.

April 2018 Drawings presented by SBK at Kunst Rai, group exposition, Amsterdam, NL

Dec 2017   Paintings exhibited at ARTificial? group exposition Gallery Sanaa, Utrecht, NL.

Sept 2017   Paintings exhibited, Artspotting Dutch National Bank, group exposition Best of Graduates, Amsterdam, NL.

2017-2022 Painting, Art on the Wall: Mella, Linschotensingel/ Vronesteinlaan, Utrecht, NL.

May 2016   Paintings and drawings exhibited at the Academy Gallery AFAD, solo exhibition marking the end of my two-year residency, department Painting XL, with Professional Danial Fischer, AFAD, Bratislava, SK.


end 2023    Title of chapter,Unmuting the subject of partition: rhythms of depression and the ongoing crisis of the modern European subject, by Kolar Aparna & Manju Sharma, to be published by University of Copenhagen, in a book proposal EASA, Title of book Silencing Crises / Making Crises Speak.

Sep 2022    Metropolis M, article on International students and racism in the Netherlands, published September issue 2022.

July 2022   Regular/Irregular migrant: situated glossary, collective essay, Nijmegen University, published spring 2023.

Jun 2020    Forum+, Autobiography as a Methodology in the Visual Arts, published autumn 2020


Oct 2022    Mister Motely, interviewed by Hidde van Grongingen, Bewegende Stemmen, Gospel, Museum Catharijneconvent.

Sep 2022    Metropolis M, interview by Domeniek Ruyters on my research on article on International students and racism in the Netherlands.


May 2020   Paintings featured inKunstzone, Literatuur in de Kunst, magazine.

Nov 2017   Paintings featured in Het Parool, online article review of SBK best of graduates.

Jul 2017     Lost painters, online review of best of graduates.


  • HKU Masters Research of lecturers and alumni into the relationship between art-practice and art academy.
  • Stranded Vibrations, a collective addressing nurture from not fitting into academic places.
  • Mutual Support Platform, a community of Masters Fine Arts, alumni, students, and teachers, supporting artistic practices.
  • Tools for the Time, student-teacher-alumni led initiative at the HKU Fine Arts School addressing urgent issues in our time.
  • Out of Touch, an online reading group in which dreams are read alongside texts.


April 2022 Micro-aggressions, Workshop Tools for the Times, HKU.

June 2021 Speaking from an Exhausted Body, talkshop for teachers and staff at HKU.

April 2021 Poetics from vulnerable biographies, workshop, HKU.

Mar 2021   Code of Conduct at HKU Art Academy, and keeping it alive, talkshops HKU.


2017 – 2019        Graduated Masters of Fine Art, HKU, Utrecht (NL)

2016 – 2017        Graduated Bachelor of Fine Art, Graduated 2017, HKU, Utrecht (NL)

2014 – 2016        Residency, Painting, Academy of Fine Arts and Design, Bratislava (SK)

2011 – 2014        Bachelor Fine Art, first 3 years, HKU, Utrecht (NL)

1997 – 2004        Graduated Doctorate in Accountancy, Vrije University, Amsterdam (NL)

1991 – 1995        Graduated International Business and Finance, Kingston Business School (UK)


Sept 2020 –         Masters of Fine Art, HKU, Utrecht (NL), Teacher-Tutor-Coordinator.

2017 – 2019        HKU, Utrecht (NL), Educational Quality Committee.

2012 – 2014        Montessori School, Zeist (NL), Chairperson for the Parents Committee.

1997 – 2005        Ernst & Young, Amsterdam (NL), Auditor, International Department.

1995 – 1997        Market Force, London (UK), Analyst supporting strategic new business.


Jul 2023              Decolonial Summer School

Feb 2023             Teacher training, Basis Kwalificatie Deel A, completed.

Feb 2022             HKU training week, Inclusivity begins with an “I”.

Feb 2021             HKU training week, Inclusivity and Diversity.

Jan 2021             EARN Conference, The Post-Research Condition.

Sept 2020            Elia Art schools, Artistic Research, online.

Sept 2019            Trainings for the Not Yet, BAK, Utrecht NL.

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