Unpacking the Self

 Autobiography as Methodology, Forum+, autumn issue 2020 In this essay, I reflect on the use of autobiography as a methodology for story-telling in the visual arts. There is a focus on the methods used to explore the self and its relatedness to the world that one wishes to grasp. It sheds light on how autobiography […]

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My British Museum

Podcast, for Decolonial Studies, Radboud University Nijmegen, duration 8″27″ minutes, 2020.

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Time-line and bodies

Time-line and bodies is an ongoing life-time text wherein each year I update my time-line based on memory, focus, events and predictions. The text can be viewed under heading Biography. Printed on paper, size can vary, approximately 35cm x 100cm, 2020, Trainings for the not yet, BAK, Utrecht.

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